Saturday, September 25, 2010

The future...

I have been toying with the idea of fitting the Twenty with 451mm rims. The bike came with 451's but do to the limited availability of tires I went with 406mm wheels instead. 406 rims and tires are plentiful with a wide variety of tires stocked at most bike shops. But I would like to give 451's a try. I have a set of 451mmVelocity Synergy 36 hole rims but the original 3 speed hub is 28 hole. I will either need to find a 36 hole AW shell or use the 5 speed that is on the bike now. Maybe a new hub altogether?

A gentleman I work with has a couple project cars, Austin Healey Bugeye Sprites. He is pricing out paint jobs right now. I may have my Twenty thrown in with the job. I would like to get a nice finish on the bike. Decals would be nice but I do not know were I would even start to locate them

Random R20 images

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Shimano UN 72. I purchased this when I first bought the bike. I ended up using the original bottom bracket spindle, cups when I saw how good of condition everything was in.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The start of it all!

This is a copy of my original web page from 2007. Enjoy!
This is the Twenty as I received it.

Here is the finished product...for now.

Project: Raleigh Twenty...

Frame: Stock Raleigh Twenty, date unknown.

Paint: Gloss Black rattle can, Dupli-color DA- 1600

Fork: Sun EZ Sport.

Headset: Tange- Seiki 1" Threaded.

Front Brake: Shimano Deore with Kool Stop pads.

Front Hub: Shimano Deore

Stem: Bikesmith Design custom stem.

Handlebar: Dimension Trekking bar. I cut off about 1.5" on each end.

Grips: Dimension cork grips (with eight coats of shellac!)

Seatpost: Kalloy 28.6 X 400.

Saddle: Brooks B-66 Champion.

Bottom Bracket: Stock. In fine condition.

Crank: Raleigh 48 tooth. Cottered.

Rims: Alex DM-24. 406mm. 36 hole front and back. DT spokes 14 guage, stainless.

Tires: Maxxis Hookworms. 20 X 1.95. 110 psi.

Rear Hub: Sturmey Archer XRD-5. Five speed hub with drum brake. 19 tooth sprocket

Rack: Zefal. Model unknown.
How could I not use this beautiful chainring?

A couple of tricky areas with the Twenty are the bottom bracket and the fork.

There is good information about the bottom bracket on Sheldon Browns website linked below. I kept the original spindle and bottom bracket cones. They are in great shape. I did replace the ball bearings and grease. Life was made very easy with Bikesmith Designs bottom bracket tool and wonderful cotter press. The bottom bracket tool was able to grab onto the raised ridges of the cup with ease and the cotter press works like magic. I added one of those bottom bracket plastic sleeves to protect the bearings a bit better.

The original fork can be hard to fit newer hubs and wide tires on and replacing the fork is a challenge. The steerer on the Twenty is very long. The replacement I came up with is a fork made for Sun EZ Sport recumbents. The steerer tube is a near dead match length wise. I used a Dremel tool and cut a slot in the steerer for the stem clamp to tighten upon. I just mimicked the stock fork slot. I also installed a threaded headset replacing the bushing set up the bike came with.

New stem: I feel like Superman!

OK, riding the bike is nice but I am having a hard time with such an upright riding position. I feel as if I am riding a elderly gentleman's bicycle. It feel too polite! Not only that but trying to take on a head wind in such a upright position is hard. I decided to get a 135mm X 7 degree stem vs. the 90mm X 35 degree ( or so ) one that I originally tried. I also lowered the height of the bars. Being stretched out a bit farther and the bars down lower feels good. Initial rides prove good. I will have to wait for a good head wind to claim success. Also,, a new Brooks B-66 arrived. This is what they call a honey colored saddle. I had been waiting for it for over a month. It matches the cork grips really well. Oh- I also put the Raleigh badge on the headtube. 

Other things I want to do:

trim cables down now that the handlebar is lower.

Pedal extenders. My right heel is hitting the Sturmey Archer XRD-5 cable housing for the shifter.

Water bottle holder on main tube

Mud guard on front fender

Good bike light for winter commutes 

This site reflects my experience with my Raleigh Twenty build. Although everything has worked well for me I do not represent or claim that the upgrades, modifications or general parts will work without problems for you. Please research, research and research before you make changes and modifications to your bike project.

All text and images property of B. Hans. Feel free to use but please give credit where credit is due. Thanks!

A shot looking from the back
The handlebar is sweet!

People and sites that have helped me with this project. Whether they know it or not!
Click on links below!

The Twenty loaded and ready for my ride to work
This bike is a fun commuter.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Birds eye view.

Trying to show the amount of rake.